August 22nd and 23rd, 2015. The time has finally come!!!  Are you a rock-hopping, bark-busting, hill-climbing, single track addict like us?  If so, you won’t want to miss our very first trail ride weekend!

first ride

The staff at Mt. Motorcycles has put on several events here since 2012, but it’s always been our main vision to open up our mountain for casual trail riding and intense self-training.  That time is finally here!  If you’re looking for challenging, mountainous terrain and a controlled environment, then Mt. Motorcycles is the right place for you and your dirt bike!

Our trails are tight, and range from challenging to wild.  In general, Mt. Moto is not the place to come out and learn to ride a dirt bike.  However, if you are interested in learning to ride a motorcycle, we would be happy to schedule basic riding lessons at a later date, and ease you into the sport!  If this applies to you, please see our Learn2Moto Page.

Please note that our trails were designed to be busy, technical, and challenging.  A solid and adventurous C level (novice) rider with the right attitude will be just fine at Mt. Motorcycles.  But timid, easily discouraged riders (that won’t step out of their comfort zone) will most likely be uncomfortable here.  We do have a few miles of flowy and “easy” stuff (by our standards), but as a whole our Mountain is anything but easy.  Just being real with you when we say that Mt. Moto isn’t for everyone!!!

Doesn’t matter if you are a recreational trail rider looking for a cool new spot, or a pro racer looking for a safe, controlled, and gnarly place to train…if you are looking for technical, uncrowded trails then you will love it here!  No confusing or misleading maps to figure out…just follow our color-coded and numbered trail markers.  Spend your time riding, instead of map-gazing and head-scratching.  There are no boring runs to yawn through on the way to the good stuff.  It’s all good here.  And the best part…..NO ATVS or SIDE by SIDES to smash you or ruin the trails!  We like quads and mini-trucks just fine, and we aren’t hating on them at all.  But they already have tons of places designed for their pleasure, and they just don’t play well with bikes.  Everyone knows that!

We offer 15 miles of directional trail, including our 2.5 mile Hare-X training circuit that will stimulate the best off-road riders.  If you want extreme, then take it to the next level on the Ibex trail, which to date has only been conquered by one man…multi-time Red Bull Hard Enduro Champion, and the world renowned King of Hard Enduro, Mr. Graham Jarvis. 

Are steep hills what you want?  Then bring it!  Our nastiest climb is Jarvis Hill.  And so far, Graham is the only person to make it to the top.  Afterwards, he rated the hill an 8/10 on the unofficial Red Bull Hard Enduro difficulty scale.  Will you be the second rider to reach the top of Jarvis Hill?  We’ve got a crisp $50 bill reserved for the next rider that cleans it (no help, no pushing).  Just make sure to film your prize-winning run so it can be verified (must be onboard footage).  Who will go down in history as the first “mortal” to conquer Jarvis Hill?

Fees for this ride will be discounted from our normal pricing.  For the weekend of The Intro Ride, our Silver Members will ride for only $15 per day.  After that, our daily ride fees will be set at the normal $20.
Primitive tent and RV camping is available for $10 per vehicle.  Hookups are not available.  Showers are available at the mountain top bath house up at The Roost.  Lodging is limited, and offered on a first come, first served basis.   We currently have two cabins available for the weekend.

Registration for The Intro Ride is simple.  First, you will need to become an official member of Mt. Motorcycles.  Memberships start at only $15.  Once you are an official member, then you will be eligible to register for this and all other 2015 trail ride weekends at Mt. Moto!  Your valid membership will also qualify you to register for special events and lodge at the property.

We hope to see you in August.  And as always, thank you for your support!

To participate in The Intro Ride, simply:

1. Become a member of Mt. Motorcycles (join online or onsite).  To join online and receive a member id, please see our Memberships Page

2. Register for this event (online or onsite) If you are already a member, please make reservations at our Ride Calendar and Event Sign Ups Page.  You will need a member ID to sign up for rides and other events.

3. Come to Mt. Moto and ride!!!!