All the guys at Mt. Moto are super excited as we prepare to host Poisk Adventures' next riding school!  Once again, Mt. Moto has teamed up with Poisk, and Go Race Incorporated, to produce a unique opportunity for American riders.  Come to West Virginia in May to train with an international star, at one of two sessions of Freeriding with Tim Coleman.

freeriding with Tm Coleman BW2Coleman, referred to by our crew as The Wizard of Oz, is the latest guest-instructor to share his skills with American riders at Mt. Moto.  He is considered the top trials rider in Australia.  Like several other accomplished trials riders, Tim has shifted much of his focus (and his technical skill) to enduro riding.  For those of us that ride enduro or motocross bikes, it is nothing short of amazing to ride with guys like Coleman, as they apply their trials technique to a “big” bike.  While it is breathtaking and entertaining, it isn’t just for show.

Learning these techniques CAN and WILL make you a better enduro racer, trail rider, or freerider!  It is no coincidence that ALL of the top extreme enduro riders in the world are former or current trials champions. Learn their techniques here!

At a glance, it should be obvious to anyone (even non-riders), that trials bikes and enduro bikes are two very different animals.  But even though they look nothing alike, each bike’s ultimate purpose is quite similar to the other.  Both are designed to conquer nasty, technical off-road terrain.

How can trials technique make me a better enduro racer, trail rider, or freerider?

The low-speed techniques found in trials, when applied to enduro, translates to MANY advantages for ANY off road rider.  Racers and leisure riders alike, will enjoy riding with more control, less fatigue, more traction, better line selection, fewer mechanical failures, faster lap times, fewer injuries, and MORE FUN.  The list goes on.

The best extreme enduro riders in the world were proficient trials riders, before moving to big bikes.  They have mastered the technical skill required to navigate nasty terrain efficiently.  This new hybrid breed of rider is the offspring of amazing low-speed technique, fast bikes, and possibly some Jedi genetics somewhere in their family tree.

Tim Coleman has represented his country well at The Trials des Nations, and on the silver screen as a stunt rider in the movie “Wolverine”, starring Hugh Jackman.   We can’t wait to ride with him!

Come out to Mt. Motorcycles in May and go slice up the mountain with him.  Freeriding with Tim Coleman offers two dates, a trials school and an enduro school.

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