1. Members - In order to ride during any event held at Mt. Moto (trail ride weekends, races, schools, rallies, etc), guests must be official members of Mt. Motorcycles.  Upon arrival, all members, their guests, or those wishing to become members MUST check in with management at the gate.  Memberships and Ride Passes will be available for purchase on site at Mt. Moto, as well as here on the website. Adult memberships are also available for purchase online.  Membership cards will be issued and are NON-TRANSFERRABLE.  Bring your ID, because we will check it to verify that you are who you say you are.  Until we get to know you, of course.  Waivers must be signed upon arrival by each person entering the property, for EACH visit to the property.

2. Guests of Members - Members are permitted to bring 1 non-member guest.  However, these non-member guests MAY NOT OPERATE OR RIDE on as a passenger, any machine at any time.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  They may camp, hike, take photos and video, pick flowers, read a book, sunbathe, etc.  No riding of any kind for non-members.

3. Age requirements - Members must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a membership.   Minors who wish to become members may do so, once BOTH parents or legal guardian/s have become basic members at Mt. Motorcycles.  Both parents, or the legal guardian must be present during the purchase of memberships for their minor children, unless prior arrangements are made with management at least 7 business days prior to visiting us.  We need the consent of EACH parent or guardian, and both parents (or guardian) must sign all applicable paperwork.  Minor memberships are not available for purchase online.  Sorry if this is an inconvenience.  

Rules of the Grounds

1. THIS POLICY IS A BIG ONE!!! Mt. Moto isn’t like other places, where riders  just show up, unload, and take off.  We keep signups and check-ins quick and painless…but we gotta have them.

Trail Ride Weekends - We must know you are coming to ride, even to trail ride.  So we’ve made simple reservations a requirement for all visits.  But we’re talking 2 minutes here.  It isn’t a matter of whether we will have enough room for you.  We will.  This policy is about planning and communication, so your weekend here is FABULOUS.  Just go to the Lodging and Camping Page, and choose the event(s) you want to ride in.  You need to sign up for Trail Rides by 11:59 pm on the Wednesday prior.  We will confirm all sign-ups and reservations for that weekend by noon on Thursday.  It will only take 2 minutes to sign up, so it isn’t a big deal.  Communication is huge.  This simple process will create a better experience for all!

Need Lodging or Camping?  Before your trip, please reserve your cabin or site on the Lodging and Camping Page

- Trails are open from 8 a.m. sharp to 7:30 pm sharp on Saturdays and Sundays.  We are strict on this.  Trails are closed M-F.  Please plan your Friday arrivals accordingly as there will be no trail riding on Fridays.

- We will receive guests from 5pm-midnight on Fridays, all day Saturday, and until noon on Sunday.   We would like to know your estimated time of arrival, and when possible, keep us informed of any significant changes to your arrival time.

- Gate closes nightly (Fri and Sat) at 11:59 pm, and opens Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7:30 a.m.  Please, no arrivals between 11:45 pm and 7:30 a.m.

- Dual Sport and ADV riders who are basing their rides at Mt. Moto will have access to our lodging and camping during the week, while the trails are closed.  There are great opportunities off-property for plated riders who wish to ride in the area during the week!     

2. Helmets must be worn at all times.  If you are on property and your bike is moving, wear your lid!

3. Riders must wear a minimum of:  D.O.T approved helmet, over-the-ankle boots, eye protection, long pants, long sleeves, gloves.  We strongly suggest riding boots, elbow pads, knee pads, roost-deflector.  Lots of rocks here.

4. No Pit Riding in Camping Area or Parking Area.  1st gear only, until you reach the trail!!!  Strictly enforced. 

5. No Riding on the gravel entrance road.  You may cross it at designated crossings only, after stopping and checking for traffic.  Strictly enforced.  This does not apply to licensed motorcycles entering and leaving the property.  1st gear only.

6. Be courteous campers, and respect your neighbor.  No loud generators after 10:00 pm.  Quiet time after 11:00 pm

7. No individual campfires.  We will have designated areas for fires.  Sorry, but we must be vigilant in our efforts to prevent wildfires.

8. No alcohol may be consumed or possessed on property by anyone under the legal drinking age.

9. 5 mph speed limit for vehicles entering/leaving the property

10. Adhere to the instructions on our signs.  They are there for a reason.

11. Please keep a neat and tidy camp, and we’d appreciate it if you take your garbage with you when you leave.  You had room for it on the way in.  Please plan accordingly for this, and thank you in advance for the extra effort to manage the trash generated during your stay.  It’s your stuff and not ours, so please see to it that your unwanted stuff is disposed of elsewhere.  That will be a huge help, so thank you!!!

Rules of the Trail


2. Trail Riding Hours on property are from 8 am to 7:30 pm for Saturday and Sunday.  Trails are closed M-F.  Please plan your Friday arrivals accordingly as there will be no trail riding on Fridays.  (See Friday’s receiving hours in Rules of the Grounds, above)  Sport and ADV riders who are basing their rides at Mt. Moto will have access to our lodging and camping while trails are closed.  There are many opportunities off property for plated riders who wish to ride M-F.

3. ABSOLUTELY no riding while or after consuming alcohol or drugs.  Riding under the influence is strictly forbidden.  Violators will be asked to leave.

4. Helmet and gear required at all times. 

5. Adhere to instructions on ALL trail markers at all times. No tampering with any signage or marker.  Do not use flagging tape to mark a particular trail or area for reference or signaling purposes.  This will only confuse other riders, and is considered littering by management.

6. No obnoxiously loud bikes.  Must be 96 decibels or under.  Spark Arrestor Recommended.

7. Ride on MARKED TRAILS ONLY.  No Exploring or Free Riding, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Strictly enforced. Violators will be asked to leave immediately.  There are very good reasons for this.

8. Do not alter trails in any way, shape, or form.  Report any fallen trees or hazards to management.

9. Only leave a trail to bypass a hazard, then rejoin trail immediately.

10. PAY ATTENTION!! KNOW THE DIRECTION OF THE TRAIL BEFORE ENTERING.  No backtracking or travelling the wrong way on the trail. 

11. Ride aggressively if you would like.  Or as slow as you’d like.  But be courteous of other riders when passing or being passed.

12. No shortcuts or hot lines, unless it keeps you within 8 feet of the original trail.

13. No littering, this includes cigarette butts.

14. When resting, please move your bike off the trail, but keep it within 10 feet of the trail.

15. Ride with a friend.  If you ride alone, you must tell someone your planned route and stick to that route.

16. Dirt bikes and Trials- Do NOT ride on the gravel road unless it is an emergency.  Cross at designated areas only, after coming to a complete stop and checking for traffic.

17. All trails are directional except for THE ACCESS TRAIL.  This is “The Main Vein Trail”, marked YELLOW #1, and travels the ridge all the way to The Roost area and the Hare-X Training Circuit.  KEEP TO THE RIGHT ON THE MEIN VEIN TRAIL.  Speed limit is 15 mph on the entire Main Vein Trail.  ADV and Dual Sport bikes are encouraged to ride this mild trail to the observation deck at The Roost. 

18. Ride within your limits.  Some of our trails are very difficult.  The Main Vein Trail is an access trail and marked Yellow #1.  It is the only 2 WAY TRAIL at Mt. Moto, and in terms of difficulty anyone can ride it.  The Green Trails are numbered 2-9, and are our “easiest difficult” trails.  But they are still tight single track.  The Blue Trails are numbered 20-29 and are more difficult.  The Red Trails are numbered 50-59, and are quite difficult.  The BEAST Trails are marked black, and numbered 90-99.  These trails ain’t no joke, so walk them first!

19. No mudding.  If there is a creek or mud hole beside the trail, stay out of it.  Stay on the trail and keep it moving.

20. Excessive rpms, and revving your engine is unnecessary.  Technical trail riding rewards a cool head, as well as a smooth throttle and clutch.  No need to be anywhere near the rev limiter, or gassing someone to get around them.  Just be cool.  We want everyone to ride at their pace, while keeping the noise to an absolute minimum.  We will address these issues as they arise.

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